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Farmers Market Week 3

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Farmers Market Week 3

And away we go again.  

Toasted Sesame Sour with Spelt

(wanted it to be lemon sesame but I didn't use enough zest to taste, maybe that was good)

Formula for 2- 750 g loaves

Levain: (second build from ripe starter) 

26 g Starter
34.4 g Artisan
16 g Wheat, fresh milled
1.6 g Rye, fresh milled
48.8 g H20
Mix at 75 deg 6-8 hours

Autolyse at the same time you mix levain.
443 g HP
200 g Artisan
112 g Spelt, fresh milled
555 g H20 (hold 10% back)
18 g Salt
40 g Sesame Seeds toasted
1/4 tsp lemon zest (packed)
1) Toast Seeds and mix in zest. Set aside to cool
2) Mix Levain and let ferment 6-8 hours (Mine was ready in 6 hours)
3) Mix HP, Artisan, Spelt and all but 10% of water. Let autolyse while levain ripens
4) When levain is ready add to autolyse and mix on low speed to combine (3 minutes)
5) Add salt and H20 and mix to medium (3-5 minutes)
6) Add seeds and mix on low until well distributed. Finish quickly on speed 2 (1 minute)
7) bulk ferment 3-4 hours with 3 s+f at 45 minutes
8) Divide at 25 oz rest 15-20 minutes
9) shape to batard in flour bowl. Proof at room temp for 1 hour and retard overnight
10) Bake 500 with steam for 12 minutes, reduce temp 480 remove steam bake
further 17-20 minutes

*My flour was a bit lumpy and I didn't break up all the lumps. I pulled a few big pieces out so
the hydration is a bit higher. Very Slack. Popped real nice in hot oven.
Lovely crumb. Great toasted sesame flavor but not so visible, black sesames would be great.
Lemon did not come through.(increase significantly if to try again)




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As you can see some better some worse.  A couple stuck a bit on the peel.  Crumb is from the worst of the loaves (lowest profile). 

Bounty to come soon.


Happy Baking


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Got another succulent for the yard.  Soon our yard will be covered with them beauties.  Local Ground Lamb.  Green Peas (so good raw but I'll sautee some with butter and salt), leek and lemon sauerkraut, More early garlic for roasting, couple carrots for vision, and another gentlemen like myself traded me some goats milk feta (i owe him another loaf) He's doing the same as me.  Making small batches of goat cheese (chevre, ricotta, and feta) and trading at the market.  So fun.

Happy Weekend


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I note the toasted sesame seed level is roughly the same as in Flourchild's Tortas de Aceite: 2% FW very roughly.

Nice scores!

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Thanks. Sesame is 5% flour weight and really made this loaf delicious c



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We have a market in my town every Tuesday.   Do you just walk around and chat people up with your bread?   There are around 3 baker's selling bread at the market already.   Don't know how it would go.  Thinking...

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yep I fill a basket and go to stand that has product I like and offer a trade. There are four bakeries at my market. I write up little cards with ingredient listings and my contact. Lots is customers want to buy but I do trade only. 


Its fun give it a shot 


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you scored well again.  My source for goats milk dried up as they started making cheese as well as selling to cheese makers.  Your bartering is a great way to get really fine ingredients and they get real nice bread.  A win win.

Nice baking  

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Yeah I figured I spend 20-60 when I shop there but for 5-10 bucks I can trade for the larger amount. Takes a bit of work.  But it's fun and liberating from my daily grind. Work is great but this is just bread for fun to share





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oops - posted to wrong thread. Sorry!