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Onion bialys

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Onion bialys



I'm visiting my sister in New York and decided to make these last night for today's breakfast.

I have not yet tasted them (I'm still waiting for everyone to wake up) but I think they turned out pretty at least.

The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, although I omitted the poppy seeds.

I started on a silpat

but then changed to parchment. Baked for 10 minutes at 450F with convection.

I didn't use a pizza stone or a hot baking sheet.  Two rather large ice cubes provided steam.



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Nice. The link is automatically produced when you type, or copy and paste, the url(address) in the comment field.

I used to visit that site often, as she often details her versions of some popular recipes.

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I edited my post. The link icon was grayed out, and when I tried to edit the HTML I mistakenly used BBcode which obviously didn't work.