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Is a Kitchenaid Pouring Shield worth buying

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Is a Kitchenaid Pouring Shield worth buying

I have a question.  I just bought a K45SS kitchenaid mixer and plan on buying a cover for the bow and also the pouring shield. l and was wondering if the pouring shield is something that works well.  In concept of course but I read somewhere that the person said the fit was not good on the rim of the bowl and therefore useless for them (of course they could have the wrong size).  I plan on making chicken salad and fish dip and occasionally make some cakes or breads.  Does it work well to keep from getting splatter or does it just reduce it?  From the design it would seem that the open back slit would still allow splatter in the back.  Just wanted to get someones opinion who has one of these and if they use or not.


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just to say that I have it.  Came with the one I bought.  Never used it.  Even considering throwing it out!  

Of course, maybe I'm a sloppy baker!  I don't mind a bit of flour falling around... ;-)

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I rarely use mine. If all you generally do is low-medium speed mixing, you don't need this. If you make meringues or whip cream, or do a lot of other high speed beating, then its worth looking into, as I often find little splatters all over the place after doing that type of stuff.

But if yours didn't come with it, and it costs more than $5 or so, I would skip it. Then again, it may depend on your particular mixer- mine has a very high-rimmed bowl on it, not all that much escapes. But for me personally, I find it kind of bulky and unnecessary and wouldn't replace it if it broke.

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No.  In the extremely rare instance that I have something that would splatter, I tear sheet of foil and cover the bowl, like once every year or two.

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Not at all! I either have 1 or 2 and I don't recall using either once. I've had my stand mixer for about 2 or 3 years now and have used it many many times.

As far as messes, I've done well without one - you can easily direct liquids and dry goods can be added in a while to avoid a huge mess.

Save your money - dn't buy it. Not worth it at all. Use the money saved to buy this - an improved beater blade.


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Thanks for the replies.  They were in line with what I was thinking about it's usefulness  but wanted to check here before buying something I would end up never using.

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Stuart Borken

I use it every time I make bagels and breads.  I pour the flour by the half cup down the shoot or I dump the flour into the bowl and then put the shield on and set the KA on stir until everything is wetted then go to 2 and never have a dust up.  It fits perfectly.  Yes, there is a little flour out the back but minimal.

I use it and I like it.  I have a KA Pro600 series lift bowl, 6 quart.

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I would only use it if I was whipping cream or making buttercream. Mine just takes up room under the cabinet, then again I am not so anal retentive that I mind a little flour and batter on the counter.



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Every KA mixer we buy has one and we routinely throw them out. The only reason I can think of for using them is if you have little kids hanging around while you use your mixer. The shield might stop their hands from meeting the paddle, but then again, it doesn't latch on, it just sits there

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I use my kitchenaid for bread, cake, cookies, pastry creams, etc. I have never used the shield. It just takes up space in my cabinets.

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My KA 6 quart mixer came with one of these doo-hickeys and I've never, ever used it.  Even the few times I've made frosting or whipped cream, I didn't use it and had no splatters.