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Trying a white no-knead bread

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Trying a white no-knead bread

So I wanted to try a no-knead bread again;  Just very plain and simple. Just white wheat flour, water, salt and some yeast. 
1 kg total dough weight, 70% hydration. About a 1/4 tsp of IDY and 12 grams of salt. 

Just mixed it all together and left for a night. Then did some S&F and left to proof. First time in an oval banneton, second time in a round banneton (though that one was a bit too big for the amount of dough).

After proofing I turned on a shooter, slashed and baked at 250 degrees C. 

First version was nice, but the second one got a much more open crumb. I guess because it got a more heaped 1/4 tsp IDY, and fermented a bit longer for the first proofing. 

Oval version:


Round version:



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and have to be tasty.  No muss no fuss bread that looks and tastes this good is why this method is so popular!  I think we will try it with a SD  whole grain bread and see how it turns out.

Happy baking

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Those looks great!

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Thanks for the nice comments! I think I'll be introducing some more whole wheat flour into this mix next :). And the nice thing is I baked this with a easily available brand of flour, from the local "Albert Heijn" supermarket. It is -reasonably-  difficult to get a reliable source for good strong flour here in the Netherlands. Most packages of flour also don't list the type of the flour. This is so-called "Biologische tarwebloem" - "Biologically produced wheat flour". They normally do list protein per 100 g of product, which this flour lists as 10 g, or 10% if you will. But seeing how easily it absorbed up to 70% hydration, and gave a nice strong dough leads me to believe that that amount is an estimate at best.

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Nice breads. The patent from AH is of good quality for developing crusts it has 11.5g protein. Also I get manitoba flours from de ZuidMollen which is around 15g protein and use it in full or mix it 50:50 with AH patent.