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Sweet Yeast Rings

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Sweet Yeast Rings

Enriched yeast dough with butter, milk and sugar. I ferment half the dough without butter and sugar overnight using my bread yeast culture. The following day I incorporate the next half flour with sugar, butter and spices (I use caraway seeds here) . Let dough rise till doubled then shape in rings and place them close to each other on a tray.  Dissolve some sugar in milk and use it to glaze the rings then sprinkle with seasme seeds. Let them rest until puffed up, an hour or so, and bake at 180-200 till golden. I'm not precise on ingredients but around 50g butter and sugar to 400g flour is the ratio is used. They stale out quite easily so eat them warm.


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Those sound delicious and not too good for my waistline only live once!

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