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Today's rainy day project -- Tiramisu, Oh My!

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Today's rainy day project -- Tiramisu, Oh My!

I googled and came across a vbery interesting recipe where the baker was doing tiramisu in cupcakes:

I baked some lady fingers in a cupcake tray, cecided there was not enough room for filling and baked the rest of the ladyfingers in small ramekins with lots of room for yummy filling AND for cupcake bake layers.

The actual recipe I used was c/o Wolfgang Puck:

Topped with grated dark chocolate, these bad boys are setting up now.  Do yo think a dollup of whipped cream would be over the top?

This will be a nice cool down following a dinner of blackened chicken alfredo!

Happy baking, Brian


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Song Of The Baker

Nice to see a post by you Brian.  Been a while.

I have been away from our rain in Vancouver for the last few weeks in the sun and heat in Arizona.  Not jealous at all of the rain, but VERY jealous that I do not have 4 of those amazing looking Tiramisu's to shove in my face.  Wow, those look great and with a recipe from the great Wolfgang, how could they be anything but perfect.

Enjoy you lucky bum!  The Tiramisu, not the rain ;)


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hi Brian, yum.. pick me up with those Tiramisu!! no cream on top please :)


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Those look great.  I could eat the whole batch!

Thanks for sharing.

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but these look really bad Skibum:-)  i think some Kahlua flavored whipped cream would be perfect on top!

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A very tasty recipe and I made about a 1/3 portion.  Until this bake I had trouble getting my egg whites to stiffen and this time a pinch of cream of tartar at about the halfway point really made a difference.  Tasted great with no whipped cream, but hey dman, I may now have to go and buy some Kalua to flavour the whipped cream! ;-)

Happy baking folks!  Brian