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BBA Basic Sourdough

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BBA Basic Sourdough

Katie, I was so anxious to try using my starter instead of the barm - and already I have a question. My 4oz. of starter was less than 2/3cups. Do you think it was because my starter was revved up and more liquid? I sorta kinda split the difference and went ahead anyway - I'll let you know what happens. I am also fretting a bit about "firm French bread dough" because I have never made French bread and don't really know how firm it should be. I see PR says tacky but not sticky. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for your help, A


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Hi AnnieT, I don't use volume measurements anymore, since it's so much easier to just weigh them.  So, I would go with the weight measurement in the future for greatest accuracy.  At any rate, be sure to share how the bread turned out!

Also, I have read that sticky sticks to your hand when you pull it away, but tacky only sticks until you pull your hand away, and leaves no residue.  Hope that helps!

Katie in SC