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Designs for a small bakery

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Designs for a small bakery


I am a software developer slowly becoming a farmer. My project is described in and  I am reaching a point where I need to build a small bakery to produce sourdoughs as well as other yeasted breads. ( I finally have the teleras I grew up eating in Mexico City down to perfect).  My idea at first is to supplement my CSA boxes with bread.  I am not growing the grain myself, but source it from a neighbour who grows it biodynamically.

My current very high level design includes a small building for the actual preparation, a wood fired breadoven and a dryer/smoker  (this is for another side of the operation but is logical to have it there because of the proximity to the wood storage area).

I have a couple of books for the oven, and have googled about the smoker.  The bakery is where I thought this forum could be a great place to ask for help. Because of the site, money and other council planning reguations, I am thinking  a 3.2m x 2m (ie 10 feet by 7 feet more or less) enough for a a 2 meter long  table and  a milling machine, a kitchen aid type machine that could mix  dough for 9 1.2kg loafs and a proofing cabinets.

I would love any suggestions for anything anybody thinks i should and should not do. All my ip is open source and will eventually end up formatted and uploaded to the above sites.