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I know, I know - mixers .. pls don't yell at me I'm old!  In short, have a 6mo KA Artisan, hate it, am selling it.. Want an Assistent, none here in Australia, can import but no service here.  Looked at the Bosch 86 but prob overkill at 1600W.  Make bread just for myself, don't eat a lot of bread (carbs!), so scale recipes back to 500g flour weight and I prefer slightly higher hydration breads.  Am looking at the Bosch MUM 56 (900W) .. anyone have experience with one and are you happy with it?  Dough hook looks a little flimsy.  Have checked previous posts.

BTW I just made David Snyders San Joaquin Sourdough (my most ambitious loaf yet) and it turned out beautifully, despite all the usual interruptions, phone calls, visitors etc.  Don't it always happen!!


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because they have a  bowl with a large bottom. No dough of less than 900 gr, I have one. well, 500 gr of flour fit in the scheme, but Bosch mixers have tons of defects. 

Kenwood Kmix are perfectly fit.

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Grampa Knuckles

Yes you can now get an Assistent in Australia I just read about it on their facebook blog today at the Ankarsrum Original facebook page. Here is the website of the distributor all the countries are listed on the manufacturers website as .  You will love it, I use it almost daily for something. Works great with 1 egg or 20 cups of flour because comes with 2 size bowls.