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hot tip

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hot tip


I responded to a post by Khalid the other day that started with reference to flour bags  and a job as an apprentice of cutting up the heavy hessian bags that the rye flour and rye meal used to come in, they were 150lb bags in those far off days.The hand mits are used by the men working the 40 - 50 tray travelling ovens also the 40 tray peel ovens for protection from the hot tins or trays but also needing to have their hands and fingers free for alternately loading the oven.

hands free to pick up things  tins or trays  to load ovens






 ready for action flipped  ready for the hot stuff

 these ones are purchased from a supplier of bakery and butchers supplies made from terry towelling far better than using tea towels that the students tend to use,( must be a chef thing ) but can be quite dangerous if the tea towel has been used on anything damp as the heat quickly starts to produce steam that then makes the tray get so heavy that i have seen them drop the goods on the floor.

i think i could easily make these myself too right tool for the right job  

kind regards  Yozza (Thats me just in case there are talent scouts out there)




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Thanks for the nice tip , Derek!

Glad to see you cheerful :)


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I think that I will try to make my own!