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Sightings at the Mall

Whilst casing a new Sur la Table location:

Brotforms, Tartine-spec Cambro and a tamis in a mall store.  What's this world coming to?

On the shop's classroom calendar:

Bakers' percentages go mainstream, for a price
Spend <half that on Hamelman, learn baker's % and get great formulas too.

Cupcakes Khalid?  Who knew?



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Interesting, Tom. Quite pricey, too.

Hehe :) i chuckled at the me- bake thing!


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My wife and I took a croissant making class a few months ago and it was pretty good.  Their pricing in general is pretty expensive but if you take a class you get a discount in the store as well.

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Good news about the bakers' percentages. More folks will be asking what they are!