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Chocolate Biscuit - nice and easy

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Chocolate Biscuit - nice and easy

I woke up this morning determined to make a batch of chocolate biscuits for my late morning cuppa. 


Read full recipes and intructions on my blog here 




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I expected a bistcuit but sure enough those are Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Good Looking Cookies at that.  



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of two peoples separated by a common language!  Very nice Toll House Cookies!  Wouln't mind having a dozen or two right now.

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lovely.. how do you get all soo evenly round and same size??


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I realised only after I posted it that I refer to all cookies as biscuits - whatever they are, they are quite nice and dissapearing fast. 


Rolling them into tiny balls and letting them spread in the oven resulted in such nicely shaped biscuits at the end.