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We 3 gmas went Multi-grain

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We 3 gmas went Multi-grain

This week we tossed out the word "Multi-grain" and then got together to see where that would take us. This time it is the youngest of us that was mega-multi-tasking in her kitchen.  Not only was Helen joining us in her bread effort, but she was making some really amazing cookies for a bake sale for her youngest daughter. 

I am thinking all of those goodies probably sold really fast and were greatly appreciated by the buyers!

While doing that she used a great recipe from KA flour for Clay's Multigrain bread... with sunflower seeds and wheat berries ... Her direct quote: "This bread is really tastey! It was fun experimenting with all the seeds and grains :-)" She can comment to this post and tell you exactly what she added... her are her pictures.

 Nice little dough ball. 

She said this is the lightest and best whole wheat bread she has ever made. Sure looks good to me. 


Next is Barb's beautiful brown bread. Here is her quote: "I am surprised that this grew with so much stuff in it. SDWW with quarter cup each of toasted pecans, raisins, craisins, 7 grain mixture, and dried plums. I started with Clay's recipe." Now that is a full meal slice of bread! As these pictures will show you. 

  Just look at all the great stuff in there, almost looks like a fruit cake bread...   Cooked up beautifully... She had to cut and take pictures quickly, as the assistants were standing in line with their paws out, waiting for the first slices.

  My dough looks innocent enough. I am the only one that went white with this idea and that is mostly because I spent the day away from home and had to play "catch up" So, I used a great recipe Helen gave me a long time ago, called streamlined white bread...and added my sprouted red wheat berries.  I had planned to use a raisin water recipe, but didn't end up with time to wait for the growth of natural yeasties. The dough was nice and soft and really quite lovely... then... I tried to ease it from the pan and let it finish cooking without the pan... but it was "fatally" stuck on one side... so it tore apart and fell onto the oven door... have I mentioned my brand new shoulders lack gracefulness?... ah, heck, I think I never had that??!!  So, I finished baking this abstract art, that tastes really good... and below is my "chunka crumb!" LOL... makes some odd looking toast but my husband loves it... I think I will use the same recipe for some dinner rolls and gain back my reputation for doing some things well.


We had fun... we spent the day chatting with each other and we all had good things to eat... So, again, our individual bakes from 2 cities in Texas and one is Washington state... all came together for good. My sisters are amazing bakers and I am having fun too.

Happy Baking, It is Barb's turn to strike up next week's idea! I wonder what we will be baking? We will entertain ideas if anyone wants to suggest something.

Til next week, Barb, Diane and Helen (in birth order) LOL


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for a minute and I missed out on baking 3 of my favorite cookies with you Gma's and they sure look good enough to sample if you would send me some!

Once again all the breads are so different but well crafted.  That sticking to the pan thing doesn't happen to me any more since I spray that canola cooking oil on the tins, Pyrex, clay - what ever so it won't stick - otherwise it will at the worst time - every time!   The crumb still looks really soft and open and ...rustic!.

The brown bread is like a dessert and needs some icing or frosting on it:-)  All of them have an open crumb for a multi grain with wWW berry soakers and seeds.  They have to taste really great and so Helen is right.  Nice baking all the way around but now i have to get my daughter to make Christmas cookies in 100 F heat!  She got home today even though we have to go back to Tucson tomorrow to get the rest of her stuff,

Don't forget to get your Powerball tickets GMA's.

Happy baking

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being made for someone... having had the E4 tornado hit our town has increased my likeliness of being struck by lightning... maybe my chances of winning the lottery have gone up! LOL


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and yours were unharmed in the tornado - Thank goodness for large favors.    Some lucky soul in Florida made 600 million yesterday.  Not a bad days work!

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Good luck with those Christmas cookies!

As a very old Doonesbury character once said, "You're never too old for nuts and berries. Really good baking day with my sisters. Diane finished just in time to dodge a tornado so we are all greatful that she is safe, chunky bread and all!~ Looks like it didn't hurt the taste one bit.

For today--A friend asked me if I knew how to make the biscuits they serve at Red Lobster. Since I have not been to one in years I had to resort to the every present Google. Several copy cat recipes appeared, all saying that it all starts with Bisquick.! Thought it would be worth a try. Bought a box of the biscuit mix in the dark of night. Today I closed all the curtains, made sure the phone was off the hook, and mixed them up. Oh my goodness I see why she wanted the recipe. They are basically the Bisquick mix recipe but with 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder and 1 cup of cheddar cheese mixed in. When they are baked you drench them in garlic and parsley flavored melted butter. What's not to love?

Have to get to thinking of next week's challenge.

Happy Baking

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those biscuits sound good... I would hide them and work my way through the whole batch... cheesey things are my weakness.... (do not go there!)... Bet they were good.

Next week's bake???


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Nice collection of breads, and COOKIES! oh the cookies.

Very Good multigrain loaves.


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Mebake... next time I have to let my sister know how many to set aside for ME to buy!!! I would even drive the 45 miles to her house to pick them up! They do look good, and I was right, she said they sold very quickly at the bake sale.

;-) Diane