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Floyd's Daily Bread - poolish

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Floyd's Daily Bread - poolish

Last night I lay tossing and turning, doing what my late father-in-law would call "mithering" - thinking about the bread I was going to bake today, (Floyd's Daily Bread), the basic sourdough from the BBA, and wondering whether anyone has tried making ciabatta dough using a food processor. Lots of things to make my brain spin. So I was late getting going this morning and it was probably 10am when I started on the bread. I had checked on the poolish several times and it looked fine, but when I tipped it onto the flour and water after the autolyse I found to my horror that it had separated and now I had a bowl of stiffish flour and water paste plus lots of liquid. Panic stations! I squished it all together between my fingers - what a mess. Of course I hadn't read all of the comments about the bread to know that it was meant to be wet. I added 1/2 a cup of flour and stirred with my trusty dough hook until there were strands forming, and then I did two quick folds. Believe me, I folded the heck out of it and each time it was a little easier to handle. Folded and went to Curves. Came home, folded it and ran into town to buy a birthday card - you get the picture. Finally after lunch it was time to shape the loaves. By now the dough was risen and full of bubbles, so I cut it very gently and made two strangely shaped loaves using TT's towel supported couche, thank you TT. I really worked on my slashing this time as I figured they weren't going to look great anyway. Baked them on the hot stone with steam and to my utter amazement they were beautiful! The slightly square ends rounded out nicely, the cuts bloomed - and the crumb was full of lovely holes. I pulled the parchment paper out when I turned them. Wish I had baked them for a few more minutes because the crust softened as they cooled. So what I thought was going to be a total disater turned out to be some of the best bread I have made yet. Many thanks for the recipe, Floyd, and for this fine site. Is there a 12 step program for this addiction? A


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Glad to hear it worked out well for you.

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also stands for Bread Bakers Anonymous  ;- )

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Good for you! Reads like a little comedy of errors where the guy gets the girl in the end, and thank you for the little gem of a new word, I'll keep myself up tonight just so I can use it.

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Thanks Annie for the new word. I Googled it and in searching found a neat site called Brummie Sayings that mentioned the word mithering along with other old neat words and sayings mostly from the town of Birmingham Eng. I didn't take much time in the site but will go back, it was so interesting. One person said when she asked what was for dinner her mother said "bread and scrape". Ha, after some long days of baking bread that's about what I do. Bread and whatever I scrape together. Tonight I'm going to do my usual mithering too. Hmmm. can mithering be enjoyed? :)                                                              

Annie, I loved your post and would love to see the bread.                 weavershouse

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well, weavershouse, looks like I owe you a blood orange for Christmas.

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Im glad your loaves came out great.  I always love surprises from my oven.  Well, not always, there are those odd, bad surprises. 

But good surprises are great.