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Video of Dough in Bread Machine

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Video of Dough in Bread Machine

One of my friend recently bought a bread machine and was quite frustrated with the results. She asked me to help her out with some tips. While she got most of the things through email exchange, she was still confused about how the dough should look during the kneading. So I made a short clip for her to understand how a tacky dough should just drag against the BM wall. 

She said it helped her to understand how to proceed better. i have put it on You Tube and am sharing it here in case anyone is interested. 

This bread is a version of Hamelman's PDM. Out of total flour, 10% is whole rye flour & 20% is Whole Wheat flour and remaining 70% is Bread Flour. I have made tangzhong from 8% of flour (bread flour) and made a soaker from all the wholegrain flours with milk (87% of whole grain flour weight) as per Peter Reinhart's WGB. Instead of instant yeast I used SD built with Apple Yeast Water Levain (15% of Bread Flour). No extra water was added in the final knead.  

You can see from the thumbnail photo, that the loaf was very soft and light, but with enough crumb strength to hold heavy sandwich fillings. I made it in my pullman look-alike pan as I wanted this bread to make sanwiches, but I have made similar ones entirely in BM. The bread in BM or in open loaf tin is airier, with more open crumb.  

I call this bread "Reinhart meets Hamelman in Asia" :).