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Fresh (same-day milled) whole grain flour in Berkeley,CA

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Fresh (same-day milled) whole grain flour in Berkeley,CA

I just found out that Vital Vittles not only grind their organic wheat daily, but they also sell them for $1.50/lb. Not too cheap, but pretty affordable methinks. Their loaf breads are super yummy, so I can imagine the flour being a good quality too. 


Happy baking!

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108 breads

Frshly ground wheat sounds lovely. Tell us about the taste after you bake.

Anyone know of freshly ground flour in DC? Okay, I would be willing to go to NY as well. Thanks.

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Have you considered grinding your own? There are very reasonably priced electric grinders available The grain you purchase will store for years and you always have freshly ground flour when you need it! Check out the Wondermill at

Happy Baking!