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Tropical Cocopine SD bread

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Tropical Cocopine SD bread


Sprouted spelt flour and coconut flour walnut paste pineapple beer sourdough loaves

this I must share.. turned out to be lovely. 

250g sprouted spelt grains (still wet but drained) (25% fresh milled flour)

50g toasted walnuts 

80g coconut oil (cold pressed Nui)

blend all above

140g bob's red mill desiccated coconut (blend till fine) can't get coconut flour here

250gram starter 100% hydration made with Taiwan's pineapple beer (took 7 hours to mature) mixed at 2pm

500g Canadian strong bread flour

250g Gold unbleached AP flour

500g Taiwan pineapple beer

100g water ( hold back)

12g sea salt 

i mixed everything and knead lightly for 3mins

autolysed for 45mins

add salt and water as desired from the 100g hold back ( getting a soft sticky dough) knead lightly to build the gluten of the dough rest 40mins

SF .. rest 40mins.. and SF total 3 times (no more messy sticky dough)

retard in the fridge.. (this was about 1am in the night)

came back from work today at 4pm

brought out from fridge rest half an hour.. (went for shower)

dusted tea cloth with rice flour on baking tray

divided to three, shape.. (was thinking of adding dried fruits!! lol erased that off my mind)

left it to rest half an hour on the table..  very hot day 35C

put back into fridge. pre heat oven to 250C with steam 

after 45mins checked dough (poke, poke).. waited further 15 mins.

transferred to parchment paper n score (pretty wet dough yet still holding shape)

baked 15 mins at 220C further 20 mins 200C 

so cotton like soft!! nutty and fragrant of the coconut. house smells wonderful. i wonder what made it so soft?? hmm..


this is a spontaneous bake. went supermarket yesterday saw the pineapple beer, bought a few others too, apple cider beer and German dark beer.

cheers :) really happy with this bread. do try!!

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to all mom 



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I'm very jealous!  What a great creation.  I tried making a coconut bread a couple of times and was not happy with the results.  Mixing in the pineapple pepper was genius. 

I have to try this if I can find some of that beer.



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Do you ever sleep? It's like you bake everyday of the week! I thought I baked often. Well done!



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lol... lot's of demand!! actually, i am trying to use up all the ingredients i bought before it kept too long. especially wheat berries. looking forward to get a flour mill soon. any suggestion?? 


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very much Evon.  No coconut bread allowed around here but some day the wife will be away and I can give it a go.  Will have to find some coconut flour somewhere.   Used coconut juice for the liquid one time and I thought it was fine since you couldn't taste the coconut.  Pineapple sounds very unique too, I'm thinking some chunks too.

Love the Spelt Sprouts!  Very healthy bread as a result!

Nice baking as usual Evon!.  You are really hooked now!

Happy baking.

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oh yeah!! say it again.. fresh ground and sprouted wheat, makes the bread whole lot of difference. texture especially, fresh and soft mmm... any recommendation for a user friendly home flour miller?

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have been looking around and as soon as my 2nd Krup's coffee grinder gives up the ghost I will probably bread down adn get one. There Is a video on YouTube that compares Nutrimill and it should be found on a TFL post too.  The are some inexpensive had mills too but I don't have anything to clamp them down too that isn't granite and my wife would never allow clamping to that.    I know that the attachment for the KA mixer isn't very good and may put your mixer at risk of burn up.  Lots of folks have a Nutimill

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thank you DA for your feedback. i have done research too on my own. Nutimill is highly recommended. 


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A beer version of pinacolada in bread is just what hot weather orders! What more - maybe you should make a sweet version with gula melaka :). The Taiwan & Japanese fruit beers are a treat.

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hi Alpana, hmmm.. a version with gula melaka?? will give it a tot.

happy baking!!

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Pineapple, and coconut both contain plenty of enzymes i think. It maybe those two ingredients that contributed to the softness of the crumb.


Anyway, beautiful as usual Evon!


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i guess is the pineapple enzyme too.. will try a bake, only with that. thanks khalid