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How can I stage bakes in 30 minute increments.

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How can I stage bakes in 30 minute increments.

Say I mixed enough dough for 4 loaves but can only bake one at a time. Is there a good way to stage it so each will go in the oven properly proofed? I have been putting the dough in fridge after bulk fermentation and 1 hour before baking Ill take it out and shape it. Is there a better way? 

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If yprofound final proof ion retarder and bake straight from their you'd be set. 

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time your baking so your loaf shaping is late at night.  wrap in plastic bag leaving enough room to allow dough to rise.  Let the final rise occur overnight in refrigerator Take out as you are ready to go directly into oven to bake, no need to let it come to room temp.

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I bake usually three different kinds of breads at any given time (I sell my breads), starting with the ones that need the lowest temperature. I bulk retard all my doughs overnight in the fridge (pre-portioned in containers,) and take the whole load out, at the same time, in the morning (except for small things like pitas or rolls that I shape cold - they warm up quickly enough, anyway).

Though I remove the doughs from the fridge at the same time, I shape them in increments. After 2 hours of warming up in a not overly warm kitchen, the first breads are shaped, and the oven switched on. The second batch I shape, when the first breads are halfways baked, about 20 minutes before they are done. Together with the time the breads need to finish, and the oven to reheat, the second batch is proofed, and ready go into the oven.

I found that, unless you have a very warm kitchen, the unshaped dough is rather forgiving, whether you leave it out an hour more or less. Only after it is shaped you have to pay close attention to avoid overproofing.