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my favorite country sourdough with seeds

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my favorite country sourdough with seeds

hello again everyone, the last post i was proud with the ear i achieved.. grigne on the loaf :) i am baking my loaves mostly in a lodge dutch oven. as i learnt it from Chad Robertson. this is the easiest way to create a self steam and get a good crusty loaf. as baking days get more busy hence more breads need to be bake in one day, dutch oven is not the answer. i got out from my comfort baking in a Dutch oven and create steam like most of you do. with hot larva rocks. i was able to acquire some from the DIY ACE shop. proud to present the couples who are baked together and steam with hot larva rocks .. now i can bake two at time or three

look at the beautiful crust.. color achieved is different as well. cracking and popping as it cools on the rack. just lovely to hear as if they are singing :)

oh yes.. introducing the purple carrots, golden flax-seeds and sesame seeds in a spelt sourdough rolled in with a few cranberries!! lol


closer look at the crumb..

that's it for this round. a new trick to me of course but excellent way of getting mega steam as DA said.

happy baking to all,



formula.. yeild 2 large loaves or 3 medium loaves


84gram toasted flax-seeds soak in 160gram water.

add on

150gram toasted sesame seeds

 200gram grated carrots (any color)


200gram at 100% hydration (spelt or white)


500gram white spelt flour

150gram whole spelt flour

50gram kamut flour

50gram barley flour

250gram AP

780gram of water

12gram salt

retard in the fridge after mix, autolysed, 3 rounds of SF 

next day bring out shape, proof 1.5 to 2 hours depends on room temperature. 

bake in a preheated oven 450 F for 30mins (medium loaves) or 45 mins (large loaves) with larva rocks steam for the first 15 mins. (steam is created by pouring a cup of hot water on the pre heated larva rocks. place them in a baking tray at the bottom of the oven)







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Beautiful bread once more, Evon! The lovely purple just shines through and the crumb is fantastic. What a nice bake :)

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thank u thank u Alpana


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amazing crumb with the use of all that whole grain and seeds.  How did carrots add to the loaf?  I can't really wrap my head around what a grated carrot would be like inside a loaf.  Looks super cool and a reason to buy the rainbow carrots from the farmers market for the extra dollar.  



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hi Josh, it is super cool especially with purple carrots. add fine grated carrots at the 3rd SF work it lightly, to achieve your rainbow effect. retard overnight the colors will bloom!!!


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Very nice indeed!

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I find your recipes so inspiring. I've done carrot and fennel seed, but need to try this one. Although cant get purple carrots round here.

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another great bake Evon.


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Lovely bread indeed!  What a great looking crust and perfect open and moist crumb.  Great bake.


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'Mega Steam' at work.  A very nice pair of fine looking Seeded Carrot SD bread.  Just beautiful inside and out and no wonder it is your new favorite,  Nice job.  Love the color the carrot provides witht he cranberries too!  A great combiniation Evon.

Happy Baking,

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hi dabrownman, the colors makes me happy. of course the taste too. with more experience, my hands are lighter handling the dough with confident. with lots of reading from the blogs here.. different methods and approached errors and modifications, timing and heat etc.. still learning my dear friend.thank you for your kind words much appreciated. gets me going for a next bake and next...


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I was reading through the blog section, just wanted to say that!

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well, thank you for taking the time, appreciate it very much kenlklaser.


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Well done on the steamingm Evon! Absolutely delightful looking crust :)

So, you did not include any bread flour? only white spelt instead? Amazing.


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no bread flour here, just white spelt flour.