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Spring musings

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Spring musings

Despite the unseasonably cool weather we've been enjoying, finally this morning I was reminded its springtime by the blooming sage in our herb garden.

Comfort food: Toasted Cheese sandwich

A slice each of Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack and a teaspoon of catsup smoothed between on...

Yesterday's bake: Mostly White Sourdough.

Spring is here!

David G


evonlim's picture

nature never lies, beautiful sage flowers. white bread is lovely as well, is that a simple breakfast, sourdough toast with butter and gherkins? yum :)

happy spring baking


Mebake's picture

What a nice scoring , David! never had such a well defined ear. The toasted cheese looks so delicious.


dabrownman's picture

is tough to beat especially when the bread is as good as your example.  Well done.

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It's nice to hear from each of you. I don't post as regularly now as I once did, but I still visit every day.

David G

isand66's picture

That sandwhich looks great....and the breads not so bad :).