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New baking supplies and Norwich sourdough revisited!

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New baking supplies and Norwich sourdough revisited!

With mother's day at hand I decided to give her a bread-baking starterset from - a 750 gram round cane banneton, some flour, a mixing spatula, a lame, and a doughscraper, yeast and a recipe. Of course, that was the perfect excuse to order some more supplies for myself. Namely a 1 kg oval cane banneton, two 750 gram bannetons out of pressed wood material, round and oval and a lame for myself and a dough scraper.

Of course, I immediately wanted to try my new stuff! So I revisited the Norwich sourdough I had made before:

though I did had to substitute a little amount of the white flour with whole wheat flour, since I did not have enough white flour. Also upped the hydration a bit.

First in the 750 gram oval banneton:



I then wanted to try the larger oval banneton, and came across this recipe:

which is similar to the Norwich recipe, but uses a different technique and a bit less rye. So I got some more flour and mixed the rye ferment yesterday evening.



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beautiful present for a mom and beautiful loaves!! 


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the new supplies will be well used.  That's some fine bread! well done.

Happy baking