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TFL merch

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TFL merch

I guess I woke up feeling a bit combative this morning... more on that another time. The long and short of it is I put together a bit of TFL merchandise. A t-shirt...

an apron...

   And a bumpersticker.

Dorota, on the other hand, was of a more peaceable temperment.

These should show up in the storefront in the next 24 hours.  

I've actually never ordered from Zazzle but they have a good reputation.  I ordered a few stickers, so we'll see what they look like in a little bit.

There is also some TFL gear for sale over on Cafe Press. I just ordered myself a TFL t-shirt, which I've been meaning to do since we first set that up and never got around to.  Again, I'll let folks know how the quality of the shirt and the printing is.

I want to do another shirt/sticker with "CARBIVORE" on it.  If anyone else has good ideas for a bread-themed shirt that they'd actually wear, let me know!


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love all the T's and the aprons :)


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"Campaign for real bread?" or something of the sorts? Highlighting the importance of ages old artisan baking?



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up something for the apprentices too!  Don't want them going on strike when the master gets new bakery duds and a new apron :-)

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We won't Let Your Bread Go A Rye


couche lame sourdough rye poolish levain sponge

lame banneton wheat batard baguette starter 

fermentation proof yeast soaker mill etc...


basically a ton of bread terms in the backround and TFL over in the center. 


I'll think of more



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The first question I ask myself every morning : "To knead or No-knead?"