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Can't smell or taste the beer!

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Can't smell or taste the beer!

I'm adding beer to my pretzels and I just can't get the taste or smell to come through. I don't know why! No water...just beer. The color is fantastic. They taste great...but there isn't a distinct "beer" taste. I've tried Guinness and a pale ale.

Any tips on how to bring that flavor out??

I also tried (on half of the pretzels above) to use "spent grain." Nope....couldn't taste it at ALL.

I had trouble with the grain...I used damp grain and couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the dough while maintatinng ratios. I dropped the water content a bit to try to maintain 50% hydration. I added 122 grams of damp grain to 600grams of flour.

The dough changed completely...VERY soft and very pliable.

They are good but it doesn't have the mouth feel of a pretzel anymore.

Any tips on incorporating spent grain???