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Bread day

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Bread day

Well, here they are..the results of my "bread day". Not perfect, especially the scoring, but hopefully an fun gift for someone who doesn't really bake. They are all based on the basic sourdough recipe in BBA. I replaced 25%-33% of the flour with rye, spelt, or semolina, and increased the hydration by about 1 oz.. I also proofed these a little longer than called for, about an extra hour total, as it is only about 67 degrees here, inside and out.

The finished loaves. The three you can see in this picture are the semolina loaves, which I think turned out the best. 



The rye loaves. I think the biggest one to the right turned out best. Also, I tried to make the crusts on all of the loaves a little softer because I wasn't sure if the recipients would appreciate the extremely chewy crust I usually make with steam. It turned out ok, but the crust on the rye seems a little odd to me. Too smooth or something. 


No picture of the spelt exterior for some reason...thought it was pictured in the groups but I guess not. It was not very impressive anyway. Probably the worst scoring I have ever done. Here, though, is the crumb, which is the best I've managed so far. The flavor was also delicious, and more sour than I would've expected considering I did not retard for more than an hour. 


The inside of the rye. It was nice, but not as open as I expected. I only went for 25% rye because I can only find whole rye around here. I did add a little caraway seed, but not a whole tablespoon because I didn't want it to take over the whole flavor. That probably wasn't the greatest choice because it only seemed to muddy the flavor a bit. I will taste it again later. 


And the semolina. The lighting here is horrible, because it was starting to get darker out and I can't figure out how to get very decent pictures with indoor lighting. Anyway, it was relatively open. Haven't tasted it yet. I cut one of all the loaves in the center to look at the crumb because previously I have had really open crumb on the edges and tighter in the center.


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Your bread looks real good.  I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked.

If you want to take photos indoors get a tripod and use your cameras self timer to eliminate any camera shake.  Bracket your photos and you will be able to take some good photos.

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Lovely breads! the crust and crumb are all wonderful.

Another way to improve your indoor pictures is to digitally enhance it, like so:

I played with the color hue mixer, and the brightness/contrast.


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I am definitely not the photographer in my family! :)