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Pain Au Bacon - Ken Forkish

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Pain Au Bacon - Ken Forkish

hello.. i like to share a sourdough bread baked by my lovely friend HK. i did mentioned and shared one of her loaf she made the last time. proud to say that i shared my starter with her. i can't remember how long ago, 6 months maybe. and she is baking marvelous bread since. one day, she asked me to recommend some bread books to buy. and i mentioned Ken Forkish and Peter Rainheart. i myself did not owned any but would love to one day. i did went through the reviews of the books at Amazon. and i liked both. any opinions or feedback about this bread book by Ken Forkish? 

this is the exact words she said: Just baked, my house smell like roast pork , hahaha!  


and she asked: You think the top burnt ? 

i replied no.. 

what do you think ?

to me, it is just lovely ...



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JK fumbles about

I really like Ken Forkish's book. Neat ideas and an inspiring read too. Nice and honest. That loaf looks great, no scoring- natural fissures look really cool!

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thank you for your feedback on the book and the loaf. my friend would be happy to hear that.


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That's just stunning! I don't think the crust is burnt at all.. I like all my loaves to be a little dark though, so maybe I'm not the one to ask.

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Hi Evon, I don't think it looks burnt at all, it has a very nice color.  Not that it detracts at all, but it is a little surprising to see the flour remaining from the brotform browning.  Are you using a 50% rice flour mixture?


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But it is boldly baked :-)  Nothing like a the smell of a roasting pig to make one hungry!  Bacon is the pig's gift to the world.

Tell HK she did well and wish her happy baking too!

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Very nice looking bread your friend baked.  Not too dark for my taste.

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Song Of The Baker

You had me at bacon.  ohhhhh boy.



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haha.. you are an easy person to pleased. glad you like it :)


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Thanks everyone for your compliments and especially to Evon for your kindness in posting and all the guidance and encouragements. You finally got me out of my shell to write , hahaha..

The fact is, this is my very first loaf from Ken Forkish 's book, feels pretty amazing now you guys convinced me that I did OK. it did smell a little burn coming out of the oven. However the dark crust crumbled and fell as I sliced through the bread, hence no burn taste in the mouth. 


I used rice flour for the brotform in the previous bake but AP for this loaf, perhaps some remained.

Someone please enlighten, what is the effect of rice flour on crust/ bread since I am a novice in bread baking. There is no rice flour in this bread, made as per Ken's recipe.