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Levain a l'ancienne...

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Levain a l'ancienne...

Another pic of my first real success with the new method. Fresh ground Whole Wheat and Rye starter married with Pain a l'ancienne techniques to make a wonderful and unique loaf.


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I would be curious to try this. Can you post the the reciepe and methond you used.

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That's a great looking crust.  How was your crumb?

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double wicked

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looking loaf of bread!  Well Done.

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Song Of The Baker

Very nice bake.  I too would be interested in the formula.


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Lovely! the formula pls. :)


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Beautiful! Another request for the formula, please!  :D

....also, it'd help if you didn't give the same title (Subject) to multiple blog entries.... Sorry for so demanding, but your loaves are worth it! :D


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I just logged in for the first time since posting. Silly me, I didn't think anyone would really post to my little blog. Guess I was wrong. I'm honored :) I'll write another post when I can that explains the overall method. It is really quite simple - and that's what I was going for. Exceedingly low maintenance, incredible results. The best loaves I've made have invariably come from a whole hearted cold-mix straight into the fridge approach, the trick is just combining a levain with the other technique. Anyway - I'll write more on it in a couple days. Thanks again. I've marveled at your various loaves with envy - I'm thrilled to make a small contribution to the lexicon :)

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The basics:

100% flour: 

     – (70% white hard spring wheat, 20% fresh ground whole hard spring wheat, 10% fresh ground whole rye)

82% water: (this includes the leaven which gets added later and is kept at 100% hydration)

2.1% salt:

2% diastatic malt:

16% leaven: (fed and kept at 100% hydration)

     – (80% fresh ground Whole Wheat and 20% Fresh ground Rye) for all refreshments


Day 1 

8:00 a.m.:  All ingredients except the leaven are roughly mixed with cold water, and immediately put into the fridge. Note that I do not work to build the structure and develop the gluten at this stage. I just almost slop it together and get it into the fridge. 

     (Note that, of course, the fresh ground whole wheat starter is tended and fed throughout the day to achieve a nice ripe state by 11 p.m. At that point, the starter is given its final refreshment using only 8% starter to new food to keep it young and punchy for the morning.)


Day 2

8:00 a.m.: The dough is pulled from the fridge and allowed to warm for an hour.

9:00 a.m.: Mix in the leaven.


Bulk fermentation: 4 hours roughly

Here - I do a simple series of stretch and folds every 30 minutes for the first 2 1/2 hours to really build the structure - (it takes about 60 seconds each time). The last 90 minutes I give it one turn after 45 minutes, then do a light pre-shaping after 30 minutes, bench it for 15, then do the final shaping.


Proofing: about 4 hours

     - proof in your favorite banneton or however you like it

     - score


Baking: about an hour for this 600g loaf

     – Bake in a pre-heated cloche at 500 degrees for 50 minutes

     – Take off the lid, lower to 460, and finish baking that beauty for as long as it takes - get the loaf to 212 :)


Cool... and enjoy.