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Grape schiacciata

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Grape schiacciata at church a member brought a huge bag of extra grapes . Hmm...I had a 1/2 batch of semolina pizza dough at home just waiting for something creative to happen. Voila !  This is SO yum !! I can't  even describe how good it is. I used raw sugar and EVOO on top and sprinkled with Herbs de Provence...lots of lavender. Whoa...we have devoured a 1/2 loaf !  Made Conchiglie con Salsiccia e Peperoni as well. Grated parmagiano reggiano ..what a Sunday night feast.  Will share recipes if you are interested...will have to wait till tomorrow :)  Vino also very nice...



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this is one of my items in the list to make. have not got there yet! 

deliciuos... pasta, wine and a good bread. and yes please if you would share your recipe.

thank u


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This is a pizza crust adapeted to the schiacciata. I looked at recipes intended for this particular use and they all appear to be a sweet focaccia dough. So I will pass along the crust I used but you might want to look at traditional schiacciata recipes....I would highly recommend the one on Wild Yeast Blog. Susan has great recipes ! 

1 tbsp sugar

1 c warm water

2 tsp active dry yeast..combine these three and leave till foamy. add 1 c semolina flour and 2 1/4 cups "00" pizza flour and 1/4 c olive oil. Mix well and knead. Let rise 1 hr. Fold over and refridgerate till ready to use. I left it 2 days in the fridge. Made the dough lovely. Take out of fridge and fold in seedless or seeded red or black grapes..about 300 grams. Try not to crush them. Let dough rise covered in oiled bowl one hour.  Take out and shape into a rectangle 1 " thick on parchment paper. Let rise 30 min. Press another 100 grams of grapes in to top of dough. Brush heavily with olive oil and sprinkle heavily with raw sugar. I used herb de provence but you can use anything..I love the lavendar flavor !  Let rise another 30 min. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven...approx 35 min..mine was 212 degrees internal temp. Hope you will try this and post back c

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I have made something similar in the past, the Stecca (stick baguettes) from "My Bread" (Jim Lahey), and into one of them, instead of grape tomatoes or olives, I added grapes. I was VERY surprised to see how delicious this was. Do you think the sugar on top is necessary? Did it go well with your pasta dish this way? 

Your post reminds me to add grapes to bread again! Thank you.

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Hey chouette...yes I definitely think the sugar on top is adds a lovely carmel crunch and sweetness with the olive oil and spices. It was great with the wine and the sauce as I was using Sweet Italian sausage as well as the not too acidy on any front. Please post your next grape adventure so I can see. c

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lt's nice a friend brought the grapes.  Dinner had to be one to remember!

Happy baking

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week before he brought a ton of red,yellow and orange peppers. Who knows what I will get next week...will have to make something bread-like. :) c