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Spent Grain Bread a la Peter Reinhart's WGB

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Spent Grain Bread a la Peter Reinhart's WGB

Today, I took out a portion of the spent grain in the freezer that was leftover from making beer last week. (The beer is resting comfortably for another week after being decanted from the carboy into a second carboy).  The bread made from the spent grain along with a wild yeast starter and whole wheat soaker is rising right now - soon to be baked. 



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It already looks so professional and fantastic Linda! I used to throw it more.  Using the wild foam off the top of the fermenting beer for the leaven in the bread would have been pretty cool too!  It is probably the same strain as commercial yeast so not sour :-(   What  a great bread none the less!

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very active and happy dough with all that good bacteria !! should taste wonderful, full body bread (as said for a good wine)!!

can't wait to see after the finish loaf!


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Sounds great.

Look forward to seeing your baked loaf.

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The loaf is almost 'fluffy' in it's crumb.  Not a light loaf, mind you, but very tasty toasted and slathered with peanut butter and marmalade.

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beautimous Linda!

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Looks great Linda! This should be exeptionally healthy.


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Song Of The Baker


Making beer??  This Canadian has a tear in his proud :)

Seriously though, that is great.  Making your own beer and finding time to make you own bread, very nice and healthy looking bread at that.  NIce!


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Song of the Baker -

YES, we make beer, not many times but maybe more often now that we seem to have the process down.  We are bottling the Black IPA tomorrow. 

We tasted a bit when we decanted it and it's not skunky at all (which had been a problem with one of our brews in the past). 

I really can't take full credit for this batch tho'.  I assisted my husband by sanitizing pots and gear before hand and rummaging through the garage to find all our 'carefully' stored brewing equipment.  We inherited alot of brew stuff from a friend who stopped making beer when his children became teenagers.  (Somehow, teenagers and 2 cases of fresh brew just don't mix, or maybe they do, but too well). All our kids are grown so now it's time for the grown-ups to play!

I'm off now to set up some priming sugar mix for tomorrow's festivities.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement.  We're enjoying the bread every morning.


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I too was intrigued by the idea of spent grain breads in Peter's book. I have made multigrain breads per his recipes and liked them. I recently discovered a local microbreweery (Chattahoochee Brewing in Phenix City, Al) and they were happy to have me cart away spent grains they would have had to carry to the dumpster. I placed it in gallon bags and placed them in the freezer to cool down (they spoil quickly otherwise). I then transferred a couple of bags to the fridge. I altered Peter's recipe to use sourdough and to utilize a cast iron Dutch Oven. the resulting bread was even better than hoped for. Once I figure out how to upload pics, I will follow up.