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Bouchon Bakery - Pain Palladin

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Bouchon Bakery - Pain Palladin

This bread was nice. It doesnt have a picture so I read the directions twice. Pretty much mix and let bulk ferment. Turn out and rough shape into a rectangle handling it gently so not to overly degas. It has olive oil in it that helps the crumb texture. I once again used my cast iron cooker to bake with. You can see the edges of the dough turned up becase of the round cooker. I am working on getting a steaming setup, just need to work it into the budget. This dough would be great for pizza or top with whatever and bake it.


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Looks great.   How did the crumb come out?

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beautifully puffed up! crumb must be good! 


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Mmmmm, I love flatbreads :)  Yours looks great.  Did this have an open crumb or a fine one?

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looks very nice. Nicely browned. Is it wet like a ciabatta?

One of the best steaming set ups on a budget are Sylvia's steaming pans.  All you need id a baking tin half full of water with a rolled up kitchen towel in it.  I use two of them and put them in oven about 15 minutes after preheat starts,  By the time the oven hits 500 F and sits there for 15 minutes waiting for the stone to catch up  the steam is billowing, 

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The loaf is nice. Kind of a cross between foccacia and cibatta. You handle the dough gently so it doesnt get degassed. So, lots of bubbles.

I want to make a steaming setup that mimics the one in the bouchon book to see how well it works. They say to use river rocks and chain. I really dont want to use those. I dont know wht could be lurking on rocks or chemicals on the chain. So I thought about it and the pint of this is to have alot of surface area on a heat proof material to convert water to steam. What to use??? I know lava rocks for a grill at the local hardware store. Lots of holes make for tons of surface area, there heat proof and food safe. I want to get a pan and put hangers on it to suspend it from my lowest oven rack. That keeps it off the oven floor (exposed electric element) and doesnt take-up valuable rack space.