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Sourdough Starter Success

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Sourdough Starter Success

It has been a nail biting 3 days! LOL
I know but today on day 4 The Bubbles came and I was happy!
I am following the starter suggested here and it has worked as described.
I have just fed the starter and continue on my path!


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be ready to make some SD bread.  Nothing like it!

Happy baking.

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Thanks for your reply to my post. Would you be willing to answer a question or 2 for me?
As I am learning about SD bread and starter I am confused as to when I can use this starter and how to inorporate it into a recipe/formula. As I read resources, I see there are many different types of starter and some call for using it almost after a few days? This recipe which I am following from THEFRESHLOAF says it is ready after 2 weeks?
Is that right?
Sorry more than 2 questions! look forward to your reply.