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Organic Hokkaido brown sugar sourdough milk loaf studded with figs

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Organic Hokkaido brown sugar sourdough milk loaf studded with figs

since the Hokkaido milk loaf is such a hot topic thought i share my version. baked this for a friend who requested for a soft sourdough bread. of course with the help of txfarmer formula and clear instruction! 

handmade.. had good workout on the intensive kneading part to stage 3!! 

had a slice, amazingly soft, fragrant and yum :)

note: not very good at rolling the dough yet!



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How lofty and soft!

Thanks for posting this.


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you are welcome Khalid. 

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Yum.  That looks great, evon!

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i tried.. phew!! thanks Floyd


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that has dried fruit in it! I really like the dark crust on this loaf - it has to taste great. Nice soft open crumb should be great for toast adn breakfast. We seem to be on the same page with the fruits. Today my apprentice is doing her take on your cranberry, spelt bread you made for your mom. Thanks for the inspiration.

We love the taste of figs in bread, prunes too! Well, just about any dried fruit is pretty good really :-)

Nice baking Evon.

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hi dabrownman, glad u like it.. the sucanat brown sugar gave another dimension to the bread. looking forward to see the spelt cranberry bread soon in your blog. i have a new baked with spelt .. will post tomorrow!! 



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Another great looking bread!  I'm actually baking some rolls made with the similar process.  I'm hoping they come out as good as your beautiful looking bread.  I bet that would make some great French toast or grilled with some cheese!


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Hi Evon,

I love working with txfarmer's formulas too due to her detailed instructions and links to other pertinent information.  This is one I have baked but never thought to add figs.  I bet it didn't last long in your house!  Soft and with figs :-)  I love what figs do to a loaf.  They add a very nice texture and people really love the little fig seeds themselves.

Take Care,