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Leaving dough for days to proof

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Leaving dough for days to proof

I'm new to baking pastries, I made cinnamon rolls the other day and they were awesome.  I was wondering though, I wanted to make some more dough but I didn't want to use it today, so is it the same thing as with bread?  I mean, if I leave the dough in the fridge to retard for a few days, would that be good or bad?  Since the dough has egg and milk I thought it might be a problem, but since i'm just putting it back in the fridge it shouldn't be an issue, however, the yeast is going to be doing its thing, and would long fermentation cause pastries to taste bad?  With bread its kind of like the longer the better because the yeast has more time to turn the dough sour and give flavor, but with pastries we probably don't want that, I figure I'd ask here because someone must have experience with this.

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Mini Oven

if it doesn't work out, then don't do it again the exact same way.  It is always interesting what works and what doesn't.  Lots of surprises!   Do report back and share your experience.  :)   (did you ask the site search?  4,600 hits)

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don't leave the fridge before day 5 and they always taste marvellous. And the have a lot of sugar and butter (of course:) ), eggs and sometimes milk.