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Only me,too much bread!

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Julie Rose

Only me,too much bread!

Hello,Not only am I new to this techno,iPad,computer stuff but have only been baking bread since getting my new kitchen about a year ago.I am having great success and would make bread every day if I could.Im pretty new to sourdough baking and have not killed my starter yet,Hoorah!! Thing is I'm the main eater of "The Blessed Loaf" as my husband calls it (jealous of the attention me thinks) so I could do with some recipes or advice regarding making a loaf that I'm not going to be munching through for over a week on my own :/ Help,also I have purchased a 500g bannetone and not sure how much dough this would accommodate for final rise without rising over the top.Obviously I'm a BEGINNER x





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Welcome to TFL!

Well, you have to know the type of bread that appeals to your husband, and we shall start from there.

As to dough size, white doughs expand considerably, more so than partial wholegrain or an entirely wholegrain dough. I would proof a dough have the size of the banetton to leave room for expansion.

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Mebake is absolutely right-find a bread your husband likes-it helps him be more understanding if you are making "his" bread as well as any other you like to make. Right now, in my house, it is a flax specked French made with beer and sometimes kalamata olives. Yum! The beer addtion was a waste-not,want-not situation. I had about a dozen cans of beer left over from a graduation party several YEARS ago. Not really enjoyable to drink but suddenly hub LOVES my french bread. It adds a great dimension to the flavor.

I also developed recipes for smaller amounts per loaf,froze bread and gave away bread as I worked to develop recipes and skill. Don't stop baking often and learning from it! You will settle into patterns and develop very necessary skills.Now one of my adult kids has developed advanced baking skills. I'm still working on the other one. It is great to see your knowledge passed down to someone else.

My husband has learned to enjoy the fruits of my breadmaking and experimentation.

Bake delicious love and have fun!

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I generally use a 1kg banneton for my 900g loaves, and it is just about right.