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Source for Large Food Safe Plastic Bags

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Greg D

Source for Large Food Safe Plastic Bags

I use large plastic bags to cover a 1/2 sheet pan when rising my bagels overnight in the refer using the bagel formula from Rinehard's "Crust and Crumb".   The supply of bags I am using now I acquired from my late mother-in-law about ten years ago and they are the right size and are sturdy enough for multiple re-use.  I am down to my last dozen bags and need a new source.  These bags are fairly heavy gauge plastic and large enough to fit easily over a 1/2 sheet pan with plenty of head room for dough to rise inside.  I have located a bakery supply company that sells similar sized bags on a roll of 500 or 1000 but the material is quite a bit thinner than what I have been using and are essentially one-use disposable bags.  Does anybody have a source for heavier weight plastic food safe bags in the size I am looking for?

Thanks and Happy Baking! 

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You mentioned you have located a bakery supply company....I wonder if you have checked as they have supplies for all kinds of food industry businesses. I have bought many things from them and have been thrilled with all I have gotten! They have an online chat option too so you can explain what you need. I hope this helps. If you find a better source for what you are looking for, please do share with us!

Good luck!

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I second webrestaurantstore...I think you'll like their bun pan cover bags...ITEM #: 130BOR1824HD250

They're slightly heavier than the ones we used to use in the bakery...

I'd been given a small package of them, several years ago, and found that they could be reused, several times, so they're really not all that costly, in the long run.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Greg D

Thanks for the source information.  I will make an order today.

Happy Baking