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Looking for Square Mold for Cocktail Rye

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Looking for Square Mold for Cocktail Rye

Hi all - I've been searching far and wide for a mold to use to bake a loaf of cocktail rye that I can slice into perfect little squares, around 2.5" x 2.5", give or take.  The closest I've come is a terrine mold here:

Unfortunately this one is tapered at the bottom so it would make trapezoid slices.  I've found some others that are rectangles, but of course they would make rectangle slices.  I know I could bake a bigger loaf and cut it into squares, but then you wouldn't have the crust!

Any ideas?

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Boron Elgar

If you can change your shape preference, but keep the idea of a canape bread, you can try this interesting ones.

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I use a divided brownie pan ( it was on a silly "Buy it on TV Commerical" a few years ago). My nieces HAD to have the dumb thing which claims to produce a uniform brownie with no über crunchy sides.. which I think is the best part.  The pan is dived in three narrow troughs that has a separate piece that you clamp into the pan after the batter has been poured which makes squares, which can be left out. I have baked three narrow little pound cakes, tea cake, and fruit cakes for christmas gifts, and they are might be something that might work out very nicely size wise for your cocktail bread. Search under "Divided baking pans, or divided brownie pans. I have also seen cleaned out open ended coffee , soup, and tomato paste cans used in baking to control the shape of the loaf. I would think you have to grease the dickens out of it and test the size of the dough "snake" that will be baked in it while proofing to make sure its not all bulging and crazy looking, before hand. Just some ideas, run with it. ;) 

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It is a tough product to find.  However, I found a couple of potential solutions...... maybe:

This pullman style pan will give you a rounded top but it did't list what the width of the pan is.  Judging from the picture, it might be close to the 2 1/4" height.  The company is closed today, but maybe a call can confirm the width dimension.  Here's the link:

Rectangular Mold Stainless Steel with round bottom 11 3/4" X 2 1/4"

The other alternative is the mini 8 loaf array pan I found with what looks like a fairly flat top.  Unfortunately it won't give you a perfectly square shape, if that's what you you're looking for.  The overall pan size would allow a cookie sheet to fit on top.  Maybe just put a weight on top or use clamps to hold the sheet down on the loaf pan.  Here's that link:

Mini Loaf Pan 4" long x 2½" wide x 1¼" deep. Pan measures 15¾" long x 11"

Or maybe the search needs to continue........


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Stuart Borken

I make this twice a year for my chopped liver and for my chopped herring salad.  I use baguette pans to rise and bake my breads and their size is perfect.  I slice them thin and ring the liver with the breads.  For the herring salad I place the bread in a bread basket and I slice the bread thinly since this is an appetizer I don't want people to fill up on bread.


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The Sur La Table site also has a mini square muffin pan that you could use to then slice the squares you are looking.