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Oven Progress - the 5th week - FIRE!

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Oven Progress - the 5th week - FIRE!

Today was a big day ... um ... no, it was so much bigger than that ... um ... i'm not even sure if I can put into words the anticipation I have felt for today.

... and all for a tiny little fire that we allowed to burn for only an hour or so.

The black granite stone has been installed at the mouth of the oven and Dennis has constructed a wonderful door from recycled timber (and a bit of high tech ceramic wool and steel)

For the rest of the week we will light small fires everyday and push them around the interior of the oven to further dry the masonry ... then the real fires will begin ...

... then will come bread ...

myself with Dennis the oven builder 

myself with Daryl (the great chef I work with)



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wow.. happy baking is near!! so good to see happy faces and a roaring fire.

wish you all the best ahead. looking forward to see breads baking in that oven!


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Nice, Phil!

A great oven, and a passionate baker.. Match made in heaven!

Waiting for the first loaves from your WFO.

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Congrats for the beautiful oven! You all look so proud of it :) I too am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this oven when you start baking in it.



yy's picture

That is truly a thing of beauty. The gorgeous, deep black granite stone is just the cherry on top. Thank you for sharing this exciting phase in your life with us!

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108 breads

So beautiful and can't wait to read about the breads that will be baked in your oven.

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What a beauty, an absolute smashing looking oven! Stay the course, for sure there will be long days ahead, trials and tribulations, happy times and frustrating ones, but in the end bliss.



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of yours doesn't come out that great oven..... the baker will be at fault!  That's about the nicest WFO oven of all time mate.   Pretty sneaky that it didn't cost you a dime either :-)  Good luck with your new bread endeavors Phil.

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That is one handsome oven.  Pine cone fire!  A note of conifer tar char to your breads' crusts?  Erased by the 'real' fires I'm sure.  And now for some correspondingly handsome loaves.  Let us know when you get mail order worked out :-)

Enjoying the unfolding story with every post.


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Very very nice.  I can't wait to see what comes out of that oven!


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to your baking.  What a gorgeous WFO.  Are the oven flues pictured above?  I have to question the use of pine cones burning in the oven creating excess tar buildup in the oven's flue...but then I'm no chimney sweep!



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Hi Phil,

The smiles on your faces tell it all :-)

I so appreciate your taking the time to keep us all posted on your progress.  I have really enjoyed your story.  Only thing I do not enjoy is that this gorgeous oven is not close by, in fact, it isn't even located on the same continent on which I live.  What makes me happy again is knowing that it is located on the same planet whereupon I do exist *^}

Take Care,


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Hi Phil

great to see your smiling face, even your avatar with its pensive look could not have fortold your adventure you have shared with us your fellow TFL FOLK.

The oven looks superb and only matches the great breads and fabulous photo's that you have shared with us all, thankyou and we look forward to much more of the same.

The scale of things will change  and it does become the job but the satisfaction stays each time the bread comes out of the oven.

For me you are on the right continent albeit the wrong side, I am getting close to RETIREMENT and doing a lot more travelling so shall look forward to seeing you at work someday

kind regards Derek 

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Mini Oven

and stays beautiful with no ash marks.  Lovely!  Reminds me of a grand piano in oven format.  The oven is so mood setting for great bread!   I see roasts in the chef's eyes!