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Pistacchio, Chocoloate, and Orange Panettone

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Pistacchio, Chocoloate, and Orange Panettone

Well, in my ongoing efforts to learn how to properly make panettone, I endeavored to make a new recipe this weekend with generally positive results.  This was a recipe I found on which is the recipe for Pistacchio Paste, Chocolate, and Orange panettone.  I love pistacchio gelato, oranges, and chocolate so the combination really caught my attention.  Not a lot of details on how to put things together so I just followed the techniques I had seen on other recipes and crossed my fingers.  I tripled the recipe as I had one wanted three:  one for work, one for my brother and sister-in-law, and one for me.  A lot of eggs, butter, candied orange peel, chocolate, and homemade pistacchio paste later, I did end up with a really nice, well developed dough.  I still think I need to find a way to get a more powerful Italian starter as my first rise took over 12 hours and the shaped panettone took nearly 18--much longer than the recipe said it should.  Baked them and then that is when tragedy struck.  I got all three turned upside down and all of a sudden, the prettiest panettone separted in half and plopped onto the table.  I guess it must not have been fully cooked despite the temperature reading (maybe I can use it for bread pudding).  Next time I'll have to probe in more places, sigh.  Anyway, the other two stayed intact and are currently cooling.  Here is the recipe with my best translation.  As one can see few details on the actual mixing times and methods.  I did not glaze these, just left them plain and forgot the butter.  I was afraid glazing would make them too sweet for my taste with the high chocolate and peel content. I will try and post pictures of the final product and crumb tomorrow.

Ingredienti primo impasto:
Farina 00 400w grammi 210 (210 g flour)
Acqua 50 grammi a 30° (50 gram water)
Zucchero 80 grammi (sciolto nell’acqua) (80 grams of sugar dissolved in the 50 grams of water)
Lievito naturale 90 grammi (90 grams Italian starter)
Tuorlo d’uovo 100 grammi a 30° (100 grams egg yolk)
Burro 115 grammi (115 grams butter - which I had left out over night)
Acqua 25 grammi a 30° (25 grams water)
Pasta di pistacchio 30 grammi (30 grams pistacchio paste, mixing with part of the butter might make for easier incorporation)

Procedimento: impastare il lievito con i tuorli per 4 minuti, alternare l’acqua e la farina facendo sempre incordare, infine il burro morbido in più volte e per ultimo i 25 grammi di acqua e la pasta di piastacchio.
Mettere a lievitare a 28° per 12-14 ore, deve triplicare.

(Procedure:  Mix the Italian starter with the egg yolks for 4 minutes alternating with the water and flour always making sure they get incorporated, add the softened butter in pieces and finally the 25 grams of water and the pistacchio paste.  Let rise at 28C for 12-14 hours till tripled.)

Ingredienti secondo impasto:
Farina 00 400w grammi 50  (flour 50 grams)
Tuorlo d’uovo 30 grammi (egg yolks 30 grams)
Zucchero 25 grammi (sugar 25 grams)
Burro 25 grammi (butter 25 grams)
Sale 6 grammi (salt 6 grams)
Gocce di cioccolato fondente 150 grammi (chocolate chips 150 grams - I used bittersweet)
Arancia candita grammi 150 (candied orange peel 150 grams)
Pasta di pistacchio grammi 70 (pistacchio paste 70 grams - I had to make this next time I will make the paste a softer consistency for easier incorporation and/or mix it with part of the butter)
Aromi: vaniglia, arancio (vanilla and orange essence, I used approximately 1 Tbsp vanilla, and 3 drops orange essence,  I also added a tsp of fiore di sicilia since I like it)

Take the first dough and add the flour, then the sugar, the egg yolks, the butter, the salt, the armoa, the pistacchio paste, and finally, add the chocolate chips and candied peel.  Let the dough rest for 30 minutes at 28C.

Place the dough into molds for 1 kg (I used 6" X 4 1/2") and let rise at 28C for 6-8 hours till the dome of the dough reaches the edge of the mold. Bake at 180C for 50 minutes.  Let cool upside down for at least 12 hours.

Procedimento: incordare il primo impasto con la farina, versare lo zucchero, il tuorlo, il burro, il sale, gli aromi, la pasta di pistacchio e per ultimo inserire le gocce di cioccolato e canditi, far riposare l’impasto 30 minuti a 28°.
Mettere l’impasto nel pirottino da 1kg e lasciar livitare a 28° per 6-8 ore, fino a quando raggiunge il bordo del pirottino.
Cuocere a 180° per 50 minuti, sfornare e far raffreddare a testa in giu per almeno 12 ore.