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Home Style White Loaf

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Home Style White Loaf

I pulled my copy of Beard on Bread today and decided to take on one of his basic white loafs. It seemed straight-forward with the ingredient list. I started converting from cup measure to grams. Given the stated amount the dough hydration came out to 25% ????? So i read his instructions he said to keep adding flour until it wasn't sticky. I don't bake that way! So, I started playing around with the numbers and settled on amounts I know would produce a good loaf in a reasonable amount of time. I had to reduce the flour, salt, and yeast to percents that are tried and true. The loafs came out great and the kids loved them too. So, this will be the daily bread around here till they get sick of it and want something different.

Home-Style White Loaf

makes 2 - Loafs

7 g - yeast

474 g - Milk, Warmed

30 g - Sugar

60 g - Butter, Unalted, warmed to liquid state

15 g - Salt, Kosher

730 g - Flour

Mix milk, butter, sugar, salt. In another bowl of stand mixer, mix flour and yeast. Pour liquids into mixer and knead intill dough is developed (about 4 or 5 with a dough hook for about 5 min with a kitchen-aid). Place in oiled bowl and turn to coat. Cover bowl and place in a draft-free spot. Let double. Turn-out, divide, and shape. Place in loaf pan, cover and let double. Bake at 400 degrees F intill tops are lightly browned. Remove from pans and let bottoms lightly brown. Remove from oven and let cool on racks. ENJOY with butter!




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Great Picture! I am sure your family, or any family, would be happy with those loaves.



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a great white sandwich loaf - just beautiful.  I want that bread for my P&J or pulled pork every time:-)

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Very nice looking sandwich loaf.  I'm sure it make a tasty BLT!

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good sandwich loaf. my friend have been asking me to bake one for her. this is great, tested formula and beautiful picture to inspire!

thank u MANNA


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Yes, don't you just love the recipes that say - add enough flour to make a dough (duh).  Nice going on translating to a reasonably repeatable formula.  Great looking bread - very nice for a PB & J or maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.


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Great photo, I have to agree.  How was the flavor of the bread?

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Thanks everyone. If anyone else makes this let me know. That way I can correct any verbage to ensure everyone can make this loaf flawlessly. Since I used whole milk and butter it makes for a nice tasting loaf. There is half a loaf left still. I need to check it tonight and see how its keeping. I made some levained potato bread on sunday that I have been eating. Im brainstorming a sweet-potato bread with spices.

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Hi can i make these into bread buns for burger later ???