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Bread Baking Today

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Bread Baking Today

We ran out of whole wheat sandwich bread and there is only a crust of sourdough left.  Yikes!  Time to start baking.  Actually I started the San Francisco sourdough three days ago per David Snyder's formula, a very reliable go-to loaf of tangy goodness.  Those were baked first. 

Yesterday I also put together a wild yeast starter and soaker for the Peter Reinhart 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf from Whole Grain Breads (I'm really enjoying this book, got it for my Kindle now too).  That loaf was baked next and almost had a disaster, but hopefully caught it in time.  I was merrily going along doing other things when I happened to look at the oven temp reading and realized I hadn't reset the oven to 35oF from 425F per the recipe.  Uh-oh the bread spent 25 minutes in the oven at 425F.  I quickly turned the oven down and tented the loaf with aluminum foil, baked it another 10-11 minutes and took it out of the pan to give it a look/see thump.  It was done.  It looks none the worse for wear. 

Today's bakes (one SF SD went to work with my husband) -


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you really make a mess of things and the bread is forgiving enough not to notice :-)  Who doesn't like that!  Beautiful baking a usual Linda.

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And they both look wonderful, Linda!


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Thanks DA and David,  the slice of sourdough bread I brought to have along with soup for my lunch today made my quilty lady friends drool at the quilt meeting.  I had brought a loaf to the meeting a couple of months ago to share with everyone and there were widespread hints today that another loaf next week would be appreciated.

The whole wheat sandwich loaf came out well just the same - infact, I may have found a way to speed up the baking by accident.  The bake usually takes about 55 minutes but the "new method" gets it done in 35 with similar results. We had some slices this morning toasted and given the peanut butter and orange marmalade treatment - tasty.  That loaf made with wild yeast starter in place of the biga is by far my hands-down favorite loaf - lots of flavor that can stand up to any sandwich filling.

I'm hoping to try out the challah recipe from PR's WGB book soon (like maybe next week) or maybe the whole wheat with cinnamon and raisins might appease the my quilting friends?