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bake day!

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bake day!

I've been taking advantage of a flexible work schedule to set aside a chunk of time each week for my own "bread-ucation". Wanted to share a picture from one of the recent bake days; I was pretty happy with the results. Enjoy!





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Those are some seriously good looking loaves.  What kinds are represented here?  I see some baguettes and some croissants.  What is the dark loaf in the lower left and the lighter loaves to the right of the baguettes?  Great variety, providing lots of bread-ucation I'm sure.  Great job.


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Linda --

-Hamelman's Baguette with Poolish

-Croissants from Reinhart's ABED,

-lower left is cinnamon swirl bread improvised from an Oatmeal Bread from the "More With Less" cookbook

-top right is I think some form of Vermont Sourdough boule, next to an improvised sourdough sandwich loaf.

Lots of room for improvement, but pretty proud of a day's work!

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Very nice!


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Thanks Floyd!

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Todd and I'm sure taste as good as they look.  It'sgood you made room in your schedule for some fine baking like this.

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Great looking collection of breads.

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Frequent Flyer

....Todd.  Very nice indeed.