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a great day baking at work 27 march add on

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a great day baking at work 27 march add on

hi folks these pictures were sent in by the students from the class that i assited with bread making at work see  previous blog "a great day baking at work 27 march"

5KG Hot Cross Bun Fruit dough

14 piece hand bun divider at the ready

A 5KG Fruit Bun Dough with 1 hour bulk fermentation ready to take this dough was made into cinnamon scrolls


and back to a picture of some of the hot cross buns

 A great time was had by all with 4 different doughs being made and processed, two 5 kg bun doughs a 4.5kg sour dough with black sesamee seeds and hand made dough on the bench


FLOUR               5,000g  100%

butter                       400g   8%

salt                             50g     1%

sugar                       800g     16%

brewad improver        25g  0.5%

mixed spice                100g  2%

milk powder               125g  2.5%

yeast dry                    200g    4%

eggs                             250g   5%

water                          3000ml 60%



sultannas                   1500g   30%

currants                      750g    15%

mixed peel                   100g   2%

total yield     12300g  (26%)   164 buns @ 80g ea

the timed dough was similar minus  bread improver and bun spice




Sour dough  black sesamee

flour 4.500 g flour

water 3,000ml

s/d culture 1,500g

salt 60g

sesamee oil 120ml

black sesamee seed 150g

we ended up with 18  x 500g loaves which were retarded and baked the next day

 Kind regards yozza

and thanks to the students for the pictures


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Nice Buns, Derek! Lovely pictures.. and thanks for sharing!

all the best,


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Thanks Khalid

and nice to see you back baking again too i guess the operation was a success and as good as new now?

I have been watching the breakfast show on chanel 9 in the morning and they are featuring Dubai all this week with the weather man  doing his slot from there  showing some of the splendor, it doesn't look as hot as when i was there!

I think its all part of the promotion for the QANTAS - EMIRATES alliance as the show is sponsored by the flying Kangaroo Qantas.

Kindest regards Derek

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wow, what a treat! thanks for sharing. 


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your welcome Evon a pity the post were seperated

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Please describe in the second picture the "hand" bun/roll divider. I have been in the business for 45 years and never seen one like that. Is it used hust like a regular divider?



Carlton Brooks


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Hi Carlton 

The bun divider is a commercial piece of equipement that i persuaded the college to buy as they were weighing the dough pieces for dinner rolls individually and it took some students ages  the company that sells the divider is WP Reedy in New South Wales.

The other week the pan part that  dough fits into went missing and could not be found for a while it had been put away with cake tins in the store as it looks similar exept the weight, at least 4 times heavier. I had contacted the original supplier to see if another pan could be purchased  and was told no they come as a complete unit the price $A 400 which was almost double what i paid a few years ago. 

It certainly speeds things up if there are lots of buns to be cut up, and has been a worthwhile buy.

regards Yozza

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Productive day with some lovely, lovely, HCB's.  BTW, I love the bun cutter.

Beautiful crosses on the buns.  I made the paste crosses once..but they tasted so gross to me, I know I did something wrong or had a terrible recipe blunder.  But we do love the sugar frosting and just can't go back.  I think the paste crosses make for a less messy packageing for selling the buns.    


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about HCB's like those? Just lovely and I'm sure very tasty.  Thanks for your recipes too.

Happy baking

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Thanks Sylvia and Dabrowman

They were very good and well sought after  by staff and students, its a shame i didn't get a picture of the cinnamon buns as they were ace or of the sour dough although i do think i have the sourdough on my camera must look and retrieve if they are there.

kind regards Derek  

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Going by the pics and what I know of you, I'm sure you light the place up with your enthusiasm for bread and baking - you've probably already inspired some students to seriously investigate the field as a profession, or at least add baking to their cooking repertoire. As I've commented before, what an asset they have in you!


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What a gorgeous black sesame seed loaf.  I didn't recall seeing it earlier..

Could you tell me the hydration of your levain used for the sourdough ssloaf?  I think that is such a lovely use the sesame oil.  The loafs must taste amazing.

Thanks, Sylvia

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Hi Sylvia

The sour dough culture is maintained in equal parts  culture 1 + water 1 + flour 1  so really could be rated as 50% / 50%

I use this as it reaches maturity it would take 3 feeds  but is restricted to 2  a day  around about 8am then again at around 3pm  the extra one would be due around midnight but this is kept at work so impractical.  The Black Sesamee loaf is a firm favourite here at work with my tasters  and the aroma is wonderfull, not overpowering and the toast is really nice. I have increased my dough size  from just over 6kgs  to 9 kgs but the list of those wanting a loaf seems to be rising as fast as the dough. mind you who is going to knock back a free loaf.

The other oil that i intend to use is Macadamia and probably with Macadamia nuts. I have found that using a little Macadamia oil when sautaeing  mushrooms for breakfast is the absolute best giving a sweetness  that  enhances the flavour of mushrooms.

I'm  thinking it may well appear very very soon on TFL.!

Kindest regards Derek

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It's a treat to see someone (you!) do something that brings such joy.  One can see that you are very much in your element, both as baker and as teacher.  I'm glad that you got to have such fun.


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Thanks Paul

I have always loved passing on any knowledge that i have accumulated during life, especially bread knowledge. i really did enjoy teaching doughmaking to the apprentices that were coming through the bakehouse in my former life as a Baker. I remember making a rod for my own back when i complained to the forerman that a couple of young fellers were close to the end of their apprenticeship and hadn't been given the training in doughmaking. I got the job of working with these boys that were never going to be doughmakers  but needed to have the exposure to fully understand the most important process. it was a matter of repitition and asking lots of questions each day. Hard work for me  but i felt we owed it to those that were completing their apprenticeships.

It is really nice to work with people that are giving you their fullest attention and trying to take in as much as you can give them.

Kindest regards Derek