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50% Whole Wheat Loaf

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50% Whole Wheat Loaf

I've been working on this for weeks and think I'm getting it now.  I've been making loaves like this first pic. and couldn't figure out why the crumb was so small and dense; I wasn't paying attention to the knead time!!!


In this next pic I used the kitchen aid on 2 for 5 minutes and then rest for 10 and then another 5.  I wasn't ready when the proofing was done so the loaf started to collapse before I got it in the oven.  I baked it at 475 for 20 minutes.  Ends up the crust is almost right; I think I had to large of a loaf/long baking time to get the french loaf crust I'm looking for.  The pan probably affects the crust a lot too.


Next weekend I'll try making the same recipe into baguettes...


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I suspect you did not bake the bread long enough.  The internal temperature should be 195°F - 205°F (90°C-95°C).  Don't forget the shaping technique, even when using a pan.