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Happy Greedybread Easter!!! Pizza di Pasqua!!

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Happy Greedybread Easter!!! Pizza di Pasqua!!

This bread of gorgeousness is from Rome....

Happy eating!! Errr easter:)

Pizza di Pasqua is common throughout parts of Italy, each region having their own special way of making Easter bread, often with different names.

I made this last year, I made it in August as I was too greedy to wait till Easter:)

It was delicious, I ate most of it myself...

 BUT I felt I could make it better as there were a few tweaks I felt it needed.

My errors, not the wonderful Carol Fields!!

I didn't like the tin I made it in either....

It is a very rich almost cake like recipe, very delicate once baked.

Similar in cakeyness to Panettone and Pandoro but this is definitely more delicate than the other two and I feel more cake like than bready.

NB: All these breads are very dangerous as all are exceptionally delicious .

Because they are not overly sweet breads yet light, they are easily eaten in VERY large quantities....

And I never feel guilty either...

A bit ashamed of quantities consumed though....

Anyhow enough blithering.....


 Buona Pasqua!

So what will you need?

You really need a mixer here……….some patience………

 2 rises with about 4-6 hours rising time….

Get the yeasty going...
Waiting, Waiting....
Almost batter like...

For the sponge:

4 tsps dried yeast

1/2 cup of warm water

1/2 cup strong bread flour

Stir the yeast into warm water and allow to get creamy/ frothy usually 10 minutes.

Mix in flour to yeasty mix and combine well.

Cover tightly with gladwrap and let rise for one hour.

It will be very foamy/ soupish and needs to have big bubbles in it.

Ready for Rising....
Sneaky Peek...

For The Dough:

4 cups of strong bread flour

pinch of salt

10 egg yolks

1 cup of castor sugar

1/2 cup of milk

zest of 2 lemons

Zest of 3 oranges

2 tsp vanilla

150 g butter softened to room temperature.

Going in the oven....

You really need to use mixer…..

I was mixing for about 2-4 minutes per ingredient unless specified.

Place dry ingredients in a bowl.

Grate zest over the dough so all the oils go into the dough.

Add milk and vanilla to the spongey mix and combine well.

Beat eggs and sugar in a bowl and then add to spongey mix.

Combine well and then add to dry mix forming a soft dough.

Add in butter, 2 tbsps at a time, mixing through each addition.

Beat at low-medium speed for 10 minutes with dough hook if not already using!

I did this in 2-3 goes as not to over use the mixer but my greedygirl is older:)

Dough will be very soft and elasticy.

Mine was like a thick batter but you could see the elasticity in it...

Make sure your molds are very well-greased!!


I placed my dough like batter into the mold and placed on a tray, covered in warm place.

Allow to rise for 3 hours or until dough is doubled in size.

30 minutes before rising finishes, preheat oven to 205 celsius.

I did not do this step below this time but you can if you wish....gently , gently....

Lightly brush top with egg white and sprinkle with raw sugar or full granulated sugar.

In NZ coffee sugar would be good.

Look at the crumb!!!
Gorgeous crust!!

Bake for 40-45 minutes.

Cover tops with tinfoil if too brown.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for at least 30-60 minutes before removing from tin and be very careful with it.

Set on rack to cool finally...

It is sooooooo nice warm but not the best to slice then:)

I will let you make that choice....

It would be divine with a lick of mascarpone whilst warm:) 

I toasted a piece in the oven the next day and had some ricotta on it....Heavenly!!

Don't forget to ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!

Happy Greedybread Easter!!!

Big Bite!!

Interested in a little more info on Pizza di Pasqua?

Check out Pizza di PasquaFlavia's Flavours or .......

My bread hero (and where the original recipe came from) Carol Fields book, "The Italian Baker  

And my prior post on Pizza di Pasqua.


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lovely as u said... thanks for taking the effort to share so much details and the formula 


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my pleasure and a joy to bake:)

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Wow, that's a lot of egg! :) What a wonderful outcome - I am quite sure to be making this at some point, as we all love Panettones and Pandoros around here. And you are right: SO easy to overeat these delicious, fluffy treats that look so innocent (calorie-wise). 

So in Rome they eat Pizza di Pasqua, whereas in Naples they treat themselves to the Pastiera Napoletana. We were invited to an Easter meal last night at our good friend's place from Naples and she served us this delicious Easter speciality for dessert. Great  taste! Do you know it?

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maybe i should try that next!! Cassata is on my list too...have you had that?

I am doing pastries from Lecce this weekend but having a bugger of a time finding the www oval pie dieshes here....Grrr


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I'm ready to make this, Greedy! One question, what's the volume of your mold? It looks similar to a dutch oven but the ingredients suggest something smaller than that. Also seems like the DO would heat too slowly so you wouldn't get that great in-the-pan-crust. Please tell me so I can make one as good as yours!

Thanks, Otis

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Today I used a 20 cm cake tin...I would not go any larger tin roundness size...

I would use, slightly higher sides if possible...Not much , just a sides are 6.5 but  7.5 would be better

I have though also used the casserole tin/dish (ceramic and very thick) that i bake Panettone's in and that works is about 8.5cm in height with 20cm diameter

last time i used a smaller cake tin and a cake tin with the hole in it....not a good idea!!too delicate really.

Yes, i think a DO would heat too slowly...BUT you could try it....thats what its all about, experimenting:)the mentioned above tin is similar to a dutch who knows!!

let me know!!



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that this bread was an Italian semolina bread, but then the color came from the egg yolks.  What a great crust!  You just want to take a hunk out of this and much away with some butter.  The crumb is so soft and shreddable.

Great baking and Happy Easter.

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Just beautiful!  I'm still stuffed from brunch today but I think I could make room for a slice of your masterpiece!

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that is the beauty of it!! 

many thanks:)