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Oven Progress - the 4th week

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Oven Progress - the 4th week

Waiting ...

Our oven builders have all packed up and left ... and now the oven sits still and quiet except for the faint hum of small fan heater running day and night within its walls ...

... after Easter we hope to have the chimney connected and the granite stone laid at the mouth of the oven ...

... until then I continue to experiment with my sourdough and practice patience ...



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can't wait for you to bake in that oven!

 picture of the crumb is wonderfully beautiful .


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Sounds like you have as much patience as me :).

Must be torture waiting.

So have you discovered any new techniques for your SD?

Your experiment below certainly great so hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.



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The Journey is a process, just think how closer you are now! Baking is patients, without it we would all be making quick breads.



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I love the lattice pattern on the loaf. I use it on my pies but never thought to use it on a loaf. I know what Im trying this weekend.

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Lovely! i'm excited to see you in action soon, Phil!

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Hey Phil, 

After seeing all of your fantastic bakes I envy your soon to be devoted customer base.  How long til you get to fire it up and do some baking?  Is this an oven for an everyday bakery?  Must be exciting.  Putting myself in your shoes, I'd be dying to get it fired up.   Love the lattice cut and will have to give that one a go.  As someone once said to me, "patience is a virtue".  


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Hi Phil,

Seems like this past year has all been about patience for you :-)  Would be so much easier if we didn't have to learn about patience by 'being' patient but that doesn't seem to be the way it works....

Lovely bread.  Crumb looks wonderful and the crust with your scoring pattern is another work of art....

Thanks for the update.

Take Care,