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Commercial ovens, gas or elec?

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Commercial ovens, gas or elec?

I'm looking at purchasing a double deck convection oven for my sandwich shop.  What would you guys recommend, going with gas or electrics ovens?  also indecisive between bBlodgettdget, Southbend, and Baker's pride. 

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Hi Vietcu,

As 99% of TFL members are home bakers, I think you'll get good professional advice about commercial ovens at the Bread Bakers Guild of America

The BBGA has an excellent forum and the pros who participate there are most generous in sharing their knowledge.

Since you mentioned you are considering electric, might be helpful to have your own electrician look at your service to make sure it can handle a new oven.

Good luck in your search.


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Yep, check your electrical service, especially if the ovens you want to use require three phase service. If gas, are you vented for gas?