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Croissants & Pain Au Chocolat

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Croissants & Pain Au Chocolat

I see I'm not the only one who was on a quest for the perfect croissant...I'm on the quest for the perfect pain au chocolat i just want the dough to be right. I want my croissant and pain au chocolat to taste like the one from Galaxy Desserts/Williams-Sonoma. I came relatively close and this is the results I have thus far. These tasted great but I have no idea where to get fresh yeast from so I used active dry rapid yeast and I think the fresh yeast is what I'm mixing for them to be absolutely perfect. I love the way the layers looks. I was truly amazed when I popped these out of the oven.


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Very nice indeed. Try a local pizza joint for fresh yeast; in the US, a lot of them still use cake yeast. My favorite local joint sells it to me very reasonably.

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Thank You very much...

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Share your recipe in tsp/ cups please looks good 

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this recipe is in grams...sorry...

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Looks great.

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Where is the recipe?