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Oven Progress - the 2nd week

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Oven Progress - the 2nd week

Firstly, thanks to all the comments on my previous posting ... I am sorry I haven't had time to reply and say how much I appreciate the support. Secondly the oven build is going amazingly well. The photos really tell the story ... thank you Dennis, Allan, June and Justin - our hardworking ovenbuilders.

For, me ... I am still spending much of my time wrestling with ovens and experimenting with schedules, ingredients and techniques. Still quite a way to go ...

Thank you to all who have helped me and continue to help and to push me further ...


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Very, very impressive!


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Been away from the forum for a while, again,  and just caught up with your great news!  Hurray!! How exciting!  The WFO looks awesome. 

I've always hoped one day you'd start a career as a professional baker as your breads always look so good, so inspiring and absolutely beautiful.  So this is, in a way, my dream come true. Oh, I'm so happy for you that you won the fantastic opportunity to turn your 'hobby' into a business that you really enjoy.

Wish you very best of luck and success..... though I'm a bit envy of your future customers that they can actually enjoy the taste of your beautiful bread, not just how they look in the photos. Hope they know how lucky they are.....:p


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Hi Phil,

 Many thanks for posting these photos and the ones from your previous post on the oven build. As you know, my own build is slated to get underway this Spring/Summer and your photos are an excellent visual aid to go along with the Ovencrafters plans I already have.  Two questions if I may; What are the hearth dimensions of your oven, and is the oven door one from Ovencrafters or a local fabrication? As for wrestling with the ovens you're presently using I'd say your coming out on top. Lovely loaves Phil!

Thanks again for the photos.



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Hi Franko,

I have many more photos that I can get to you some how ... which should help hopefully ... there are a few grey areas in the plans and it seems every build is slightly different in this regard.

Baking area is roughly 4ft x 6ft ... which is all we could fit within our premisis. The door is fabricated in Tasmania  - to Alans plans. The door works like a treat!



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Hi Phil,

Anything and everything you could send via PM would be a big help and greatly appreciated! I may wind up just making a door myself, have to see how the costs work out when I get to that point.

Thanks Phil,


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Beautiful Bread! 

I look forward to seeing the oven in full production.


PS if I'm counting the bricks right it looks like your oven floor is about 52 inches wide..


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door in the front and another opening (the one from which we saw you inside) somewhere ?

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Hi Phil,

As always, you pictures are such a treat.  So alive.  I love seeing the progress through your eyes - the details that could be easily missed.  I especially was intrigued by the one showing someone working from within the oven!  Amazing.

Thanks soooo much for the post!

Take Care,


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delighted to see the oven is almost done! showed the pictures of the progression building of the oven to my dad, he is a retired contractor. he said to me" i can build that for you too!!" i wish i have space for that !! looking forward to see the finished oven.


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Aa...aa...mazing!!!  Looks beautiful!!!!

I remember those days!  I didn't want to see another bag of cement again!!

Sooo worth all the work!

Great job, it looks beautiful!

I love the pic of you "inside", that is one sweet oven!

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You will be baking bread pretty soon Phil.  What a great oven.