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What do you think of this bread pan?

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What do you think of this bread pan?

What concerns me is the horizonal grooves along the length of the pan. Will those grooves hold the bread in the pan when attempting to remove the loaf? Is there a pan you recommend?

After clicking link to veiw picture, select top item #2942 - 8½x4½ (standard)

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Same as this one on loaf pans made...coated with americoat...non stick all the way. I have searched for years for the perfect pan and this is it!! I own several and really love the largest 10x5.

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Did you intend to put a Amazon link on?

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Years ago, I used to only buy Chicago Metallic equipment, including their bread pans. Great stuff, back then. I used to find a lot of CM items, in a used restaurantware store I shopped at, 30-40 years old, and still in great shape. Now, their consumer line is Chinese made. Oddly, their commercial line is USA made!  I've purchased several USA bread/cake pans, through KAF recently and am very impressed. They're well worth the price. *edit*  According to USA Pans, the groove design is there to assist with even baking/ in no way contributes to problems with removal of the baked items.

I still have and use the CM items, but the USA pans are definitely high quality. I was just now reading some of the reviews on poster complained about water staying in the rolled edges, after washing.  I've always handwashed any pans made this way, and simply leave them in the turned-off, warm oven to dry.


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I own one of the pans that you linked, and I bought it from King Arthur. I've never had problems removing the loaves from the pan, but then again, I've never tried making a whole rye loaf in it. From what I've experienced, I would recommend it because it is sturdily constructed and browns my loaves evenly. 

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Since you can get 2 for $28 with free shipping from Amazon or 1 for $24 incl shipping from KA .I would get 2 and maybe spend a couple bucks more for the larger 2lb version. Good Luck!

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I bought the USA Pullman Loaf Pan with the lid from Amazon and have been baking my "Tartine country loaf" in it, instead of a dutch oven--the loaf releases from the pan without any problems.  I am very happy with the quality of the pan from USA and plan on buying more from them on Amazon.


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Toshiko Suisei

I have the USA Pan "Hearth" loaf pan and absolutely love it! It's heavy and non-stick coated and holds all the dough that most recipes recommend dividing between two standard loaf pans -- Nice big loaf for serious sammich! I've never had a problem of any kind with this pan.  I was concerned about the U shape when I first held the Hearth pan in my hands at the store but it didn't matter at all; the finished loaves were beautifully shaped.

I also picked up the USA Pan cake pans -- also very very nice.  Heavy and coated, and the cake layers bake up with a very slight (read insignificant) dome.

Quality bakeware in my humble opinion -- and made in the U.S.A.  win/win