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Likely results of thinly rolled dough at slow temp?

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Likely results of thinly rolled dough at slow temp?

Hi guys, I've got a question!

I want to make really small cinnamon rolls. Maybe a little bigger than bite-size. there's no way to make smaller rolls except for rolling the dough out a lot thinner... To which the recipe advises not to do because it will result in tough and chewy layers. That is if nothing else changes though. I'm wondering if I can roll them out really thinly and bake them at a slower temp to ensure the dough strands inside don't cook too quickly? Im really looking for a soft and chewy result. expansion of the bread dough in the oven is not much of an issue to me (But browning is).

the recipe states to roll the dough out to 2/3" thick, proof for 75 min and bake at 175 deg Celsius for 20-30 min. It makes really BIG rolls ^_^"

Sorry if this is such a strange question, but I would love any advice that helps me make super soft and chewy cinnamon rolls!

also: is there anyone here who exclusively uses fresh yeast?