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Rich heavy chocolate cake

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Rich heavy chocolate cake

Looking for a chocolate cake recipe that is rich and heavy. 

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Hi gjfrenchie. Search for "Hershey's deep dark chocolate cake" on google. It's a reliable, time-tested recipe. The cake turns out moist and deeply chocolatey. My only word of advice would be to make sure the cake bakes evenly. Sometimes the edges get overbaked and turn out drier than the center.

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I haven't made it (yet) but I hear is is absolutley luscious and makes a large cake.

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I second this one.  It is incredible and been my birthday cake the past two or three years.


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it's luscious!

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That sounds like one wonderful cake - especially as my husband and I are Guinness Stout lovers AND dark chocolate lovers too!

Going to have to make this soon - who needs a birthday.


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If I may please offer a suggestion to help with baking even cake layers, there is a product called cake strips that can help prevent the  mounding in the middle that plagues many bakers (like me).  Wilton makes them (they call them bake even strips), and Magi-cake Bake Strips, among others.  They are a minor nuisance to apply, but they work, and you get nice, even layers that are baked evenly, and are level.  Intrepid folks can even make their own from old towels cut in two inch wide strips, soaked in water, wrapped around the pans, and secured with a pin or cooking twine. 

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Amongst choc cakes that are made with flour, the guiness cake sounds perfect.

If you would like to try a flourless chocolate cake, which to me is the ultimate in "rich and heavy",  Rose Beranbaum's chocolate oblivion truffle torte is magnificent.  It is more of a dense fudge texture than a traditional cake made with flour, not sure if that's what you're looking for or not, but it's a big crowd pleaser.  It is made with just three ingredients, chocolate, butter and eggs.